The Vineyard

Located in the heart of the “ROERO”, an aristocratic territory so extraordinary as to also deserve recognition by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, it extends north of the city of Alba on the hydrographic left of the Tanaro river, a natural border between Roero and Langhe.

The ROERO is characterized almost exclusively by hills but much more varied than the nearby Langa: vegetable gardens, broad-leaved and chestnut woods, orchards and vineyards, small lakes and, above all, the Rocche, imposing gullies which, suddenly, break the landscape creating rock ramparts and deep canyons.

The Rocche del Roero, on which during the Middle Ages and subsequent eras castles were built or even some towns arose, constitute a peculiar characteristic of the landscape, they were produced by a geological phenomenon of erosion characterized by deep ravines and picturesque gullies, a sort of, a sort of local Canyons, generated following the so-called “capture of the Tanaro” event.