About us

We are a family with solid traditions whose ancestors descend from the ancient noble family of the “Counts Roero”, Lords since the late Middle Ages of this aristocratic territory, the “ROERO” which extends north of the city of Alba on the hydrographic left of the Tanaro river and groups together several municipalities.

We are passionate about nature, about these wonderful hills, rich in woods, about natural corners still intact, where the hand of man has been kind and respectful, a territory with views that never cease to fascinate and amaze us every day.

The attachment to our territory comes from childhood, when I accompanied my father on his walks through the hills of Monteu Roero, in the Rocche in search of mushrooms and chestnuts, and during his activity as a passionate amateur farmer.

Then work took us “far away”, around the world. But precisely this “distance” made us feel the need to return to nature, to our hills and vineyards, even more aware of these beauties that are too little known and that few have the pleasure of sharing.

For a long time, guided by a clear and conscious inner drive of what we wanted, we looked for this hillside house on the “Reina”, here in Santo Stefano Roero.

But at that point we realized that it wasn’t enough to be part of the territory but we also had to share this beauty, this exquisite cuisine and this good wine with others.